Westlake Village Community Information

Located on the western edge of Los Angeles County, Westlake Village is one of the most well -planned communities in all of Southern California. That says a load for there are so many other exciting and worthy locations for which this honor could have been bestowed upon. It was Westlake that received this noble honor and deservedly so at that.

Major Economic Businesses

The village is situated in the Conejo Valley that encompasses half of the area that is Westlake Village. One of the core characteristics of Westlake Village, California is that it is well known for both its beauty and secluded orientation. The economy of Westlake Village is centered on the Dole Food Co. which has its headquarters here. Dole Food Company believes in Westlake Village so strongly that it built a 30 acre world headquarters site located north of the Ventura Freeway. Far from being the sole Fortune 500 megahit, Dole Foods is joined by many other fine employers such as; JD Power and Associates and K-Swiss. With such great economic powerhouses, it is easy to see why the economy and the future of Westlake Village are firmly cemented into the very fabric of Southern California.

History Predates Spanish Explorers

The history of Westlake Village goes back as far as Chumash Indians as the first ethnic groups that considered the splendid location as their home base. It is easy to see why the Chumash Indians selected this part of California as the access to the Pacific Ocean. The choice was made easier with the variety and unique array of both flaura and fauna, which made for a very good hunter and gatherer societal recourse. From the easy access to the Pacific Ocean to the beautiful rivers and lakes and streams of Westlake Village, the residents here must consider theirselves very lucky indeed.

Malibu Hills and Pacific Ocean Splendor

What Westlake Village offers both residents and visitors in both entertainment and outdoor activities, is very eclectic and exciting. As a planned community, Westlake Village has the best of both worlds as the founding fathers seen what they could add to what was already, a picture-perfect landscape. With the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area only as few miles away, Westlake Village benefits from the Malibu Hills experience as well as a short 10 mile jog to the Pacific Ocean. Cool ocean breezes wind through the Santa Monica Mountains and allow Westlake Village California to stay up to 12 to 15° cooler and considerably less-hazy than nearby San Fernando Valley, even during the heated summer months.

Very High Median Income

The median income for a household in the City of Westlake Village is 120,000 and this ranks about as high as it gets in the State of California. The affluence of Westlake Village and the ease of transition in which both the mountains and ocean can be accessed, are two of the main reasons why residents love this part of California. With a little over 10,000 people claiming residency in Westlake Village, this is a perfect combination and size formula for a jump into the second-tier of California’s desired locations.

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