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Ventura County Overhead Door offers an extensive line of commercial overhead doors, security gates, residential entrance gates and garage doors for Santa Paula businesses that are built to withstand the most demanding commercial and industrial environments. Since 1992, contractors and builders in Santa Paula and throughout Ventura County and Santa Barbara County have come to trust us for our specialized design and engineering of high performance commercial doors, security gates, residential entrance gates and garage doors. Besides installing a new commercial door, we also service and repair commercial garage doors, residential garage doors, residential entrance gates and commercial security gates. Most of our commercial door and rolling door showroom consultants have construction and/or engineering backgrounds themselves in Santa Paula or the surrounding area, so we understand firsthand the unique needs of the commercial and industrial markets.

Selecting a Commercial Door for Your Business

Santa Paula contractors and builders typically have required (or recommended) specifications when making the purchase of a commercial door, commercial gates or residential garage doors on behalf of their clients. But what about the individual Santa Paula business owner or building owner that is purchasing a new commercial door or commercial security gate on his own behalf? Many of us have found out the hard way that it is much better to do our homework and get the facts up front, (or we unfortunately end up paying for it afterwards.) If you’re considering the purchase of a commercial door for your building, showroom entrance, loading dock, security entryway, or business in or around Santa Paula, below is a list of important pre-purchase considerations.

Purchasing considerations for a commercial overhead door are often very different from those of a residential garage door. Residential garage door customers in Santa Paula are typically interested in style (How will this new garage door fit in with the overall “look” of my home? How might the new garage door enhance the home’s value? How will it blend in with other garage doors on the street/in the Santa Paula neighborhood, etc.?), security (Will this new garage door keep my family safe and protect my belongings? Will the garage door or gate help prevent unwanted intruders/theft?), and utility (How often and for what purposes will the new garage door be used? Does it give my family members the entry flexibility they need, etc.?). When purchasing a commercial door for Santa Paula business, however, the buyer considerations are often very different, as they are typically driven by underlying business objectives.

Commercial Door Considerations

When buying a new commercial door, a Santa Paula business owner typically thinks first and foremost, about functionality – who will be using this door, how often, for what reason, in what capacity, etc. An efficiently functional commercial door keeps your business running and frees you from unnecessary interruptions. Access is another important consideration – will the commercial door and/or the building be secured, how will they be secured, who will have entry access, etc. And lastly, are there any Santa Paula building codes and restrictions that must be considered when making this commercial door purchase – color, construction, entry requirements/restrictions, etc. These are all important considerations that a business owner should think through before making your purchase.
Our commercial garage door showroom is just a short drive from Santa Paula. Please visit one of our experienced engineers or representatives to discuss your needs. This purchase is not just about the commercial door, itself; it’s about protecting your business assets (computers, important documents, business equipment, and belongings.) It is also about keeping your facility in Santa Paula and your staff members safe at all times. Do not rush through the selection process for your commercial garage door. Allow Ventura County Overhead Door to engineer the perfect door system just for you. Remember, it’s not just the commercial overhead door that’s important — it’s what’s behind that door that matters most.

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Call us at 877.656.DOOR, contact our staff of friendly, well-trained consultants or stop by our showroom at 4746 Market Street in Ventura to discuss your needs and to learn more about your options. We’ve been serving the Ventura County and Santa Barbara County area including Camarillo, Fillmore, Newbury Park, Oak Park, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura and Westlake Village since 1992 and have helped countless homeowners and commercial property owners just like you choose the right garage door, garage door opener, residential entrance gate, security gate or commercial overhead door to fit your needs.

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